How to replace your broken, worn
down teeth or poor fitting dentures
with dental implants

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What’s Life Like As A Denture Wearer?

Do any of these sound familiar?


You’re self conscious about the way your teeth look, so you smile with your mouth closed and shy away from photos and social situations.


You’re embarrassed for your spouse or new friends to see you with your dentures out, because your face sinks in and it makes you look 20 years older.


You miss the taste of a juicy steak or a sweet apple, because you can’t eat chewy foods and the roof of your mouth is completely covered by plastic.


Dental Implants Can Solve Your Denture Problems

The problem with dentures is that they just float over your
gums. So they slip, slide, and rub with the smallest
movement of your lips or tongue.

The latest trend is to attach your dentures to
dental implants.

When your dentures are secured to dental implants, they no longer move when you eat, talk, and smile. So you can go out to dinner, travel, socialize, and take photos without worrying about your teeth.

  • No more denture glue.
  • No more plastic covering the roof your mouth.
  • No more avoiding your favourite foods like juicy
    steaks, chewy bread, and fresh salads.
  • You can feel great about the way your smile looks in the mirror and in photos.
  • You can stop worrying about what you look like
    when your teeth come out.
  • You can order whatever you want off the menu
    when you go out to eat.

Meet Dr. Michael Ling And Dr. Sorana Schneider.
We Help Patients Get Rid Of Their Dentures

Most denture wearers didn’t lose their teeth overnight. They’ve likely been through years (if not decades!) of a mouth that slowly broke down over time.

Here’s what usually happens:

Some of their teeth break and get fixed. And those repairs keep breaking until they can’t get fixed anymore and have to be removed.

They need a handful of root canals. Some of them worked, and some teeth had to be removed later anyways.

They get bad breath from gum disease. And probably trips to the specialist to fix it, which just slowed down the inevitable tooth loss.

And when these patients finally accept losing their few remaining teeth and getting dentures, they feel RELIEF.

They’re just happy to get off the “Dental Merry Go Round”. It beats going to the dentist to fix (and pay for!) yet another repair on the same tooth, right?


Dr. Michael Ling, Dental Implants for Single or Full Sets of Teeth in Hamilton


Dr. Sorana Schneider, Dental Implants for Single or Full Sets of Teeth in Hamilton

What these denture wearers often don’t realize is that they don’t have to settle for dentures that are FINE. There are NEW ways to secure your dentures with dental implants so your teeth look and feel AMAZING.

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve helped hundreds of people who hated their dentures (or were terrified of needing dentures one day) find solutions that work for THEM.

These days there are about a dozen ways to take you from where you are now to a brand new full set of teeth that look natural, last a long time, and have excellent chewing power. Our role is to help simplify things for you. Once we get to know you, what you’ve been through, what’s worked and hasn’t worked in the past, and what features are most important to you, we can come up with a customized plan that is the right balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

If this sounds like the kind of help you’ve been looking for, we’d love to chat! Our promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures.

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Real Patient,
Real Results

At our Dental Implant Centre in Hamilton, we focus on helping our patients avoid dentures and get new sets of teeth that look natural, feel great for chewing, and last a long time.


Edwin Locke
Edwin Locke
The most high tech and by far the best dental office I’ve ever been in. The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. I often have difficulty with dentistry, but I have no problems here as they explain every step of the way, put you at complete ease, and give great tips for your dental health.
Shannon Hunt
Shannon Hunt
My experience at Smiling Dental was amazing! As someone who tends to be anxious at the dentist, they were very understanding and helpful. Marcel was so kind, and Dr. Schneider explained everything and put me nerves at ease. I would highly recommend them 🙂
Jessica Chevrier
Jessica Chevrier
Smiling Dental Dundas is an absolute dream. The staff are kind and welcoming, and the facility is stunning. I feel calm and relaxed throughout each visit. Dr. Schneider is thorough and an excellent communicator. I always feel at ease in her chair. I would recommend Smiling Dental and Dr. Schneider a thousand times over!
Meaghan Kennedy
Meaghan Kennedy
We recommended Smiling Dental Dundas to our local friends and neighbours after our first visit. We love the modern and clean clinic and the staff are top-notch. This family-focused practice stands out with their excellent level of care. Our entire family - from young children up to adults - is comfortable and well taken care of. After a treatment of freezing, Dr. Bennett even texted us to make sure we were doing OK later that evening!
Karen Steele
Karen Steele
Very friendly staff. They really put you at ease, when you come in for your appointment, they take their time in explaining what dental work that you need, with no pressure or judgement! I highly recommend them.
Kim T. Long
Kim T. Long
Carmen Liscio
Carmen Liscio
Elioud Asaphs
Elioud Asaphs
Gary Bennett
Gary Bennett

You Can Have New Teeth Secured
to Implants In Just 3 Appointments


Meet Dr. Schneider and Dr. Ling for a consultation. The doctor will review your goals and priorities and help figure out which option will make you happiest, and is the best balance between what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.


Once you choose which style of dental implants works best for you, we gather some measurements and scans from your mouth. The doctors will do their homework behind the scenes designing your new smile so that it looks natural and lasts a long time.

Using modern techniques, we can combine what used to take multiple visits with multiple doctors and specialists into just one day. On this day, you will come in with your current teeth or denture, and leave with a brand new set of teeth secured to your dental implants.

How Dental Implants Work To
Secure Your Dentures

Dental implants are the newest trend in securing your dentures. Dental implants act as “anchors”, so your dentures won’t move or slip when you’re eating, chewing, and smiling.

There are 2 main types of implant solutions: PERMANENT and REMOVABLE.

PERMANENT IMPLANT DENTURES are “screwed in”. Since they’re permanently secured to your implants, they’re rock solid for chewing and very comfortable.

Permanent solutions are also known as “All on 4,” “All on 6,” and “All on X.”

REMOVABLE IMPLANT DENTURES “clip in and out”. They “snap on” to your implants and are designed to be taken in and out, so they aren’t quite as comfortable and you don’t have quite as much chewing power as the PERMANENT ones.

Removable solutions are also known as “Overdentures” or “Snap-On Dentures”.

The good news? Both Permanent and Removable solutions look fantastic, last a long time, and are much
stronger for chewing than regular dentures.

If you’re ready to find out if either of these solutions would work for you,
click below to request a complimentary consultation.


Zero Risk
Complimentary Dental Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

What's Included:

  • Consultation or Second Opinion for Implant or Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Comprehensive Oral Exam

  • All necessary X-rays

  • 3D Bone Scan (CBCT)

  • 3D Surface Scan of your teeth

  • Discussion of realistic solutions including a comparison of time and cost

  • Still unsure? All x-rays, records, CBCT, and scans are yours to keep

Our 7 Year Guarantee

All of our dental implants are protected by a 7 Year Guarantee, so you
can be confident your new smile will look and feel great for the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Do you do All On 4, All On 6, or All On X?

Yes! It can be confusing with all the different materials, number of implants, and types of implants…

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What’s better - permanent or removable implant dentures?

If you have the choice, permanent implant dentures are usually better. Our patients who get permanent implant dentures tell...

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Aren’t I too old to get dental implants?

No! We have colleagues who have given brand new sets of teeth to patients as old as 100. These days, 70 and 80 years old is YOUNG…

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My other dentist said I don’t have enough bone to do dental implants. Is that true?

We see patients all the time who think they don’t qualify for dental implants because they don’t have enough bone…

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I’m terrified of the dentist. Is there anything I can do?

Yes! We help “dental chickens” every day.

The patients who have or need dentures have gone through a lifetime of...

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This all sounds great… but I can’t afford it!

A lot of people assume they can’t afford to fix their dentures without finding out the truth for themselves…

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Can I get a second opinion?

Yes! We offer complimentary consultations and second opinions. Our promise to you: NO judgment and NO lectures.

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Do you guarantee your dental work?

Yes! Your treatment is covered by our 7 Year Dental Implant Guarantee. Ask us for details!

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