Financial Options

How much do dental implants cost in the
Hamilton area? And what options do you
have for payment?


Wondering What Your Dental Implants Will Cost?


Many of the people we meet assume that they can’t afford dental implants. What usually happens is they hear through a friend of a friend what they paid for implants, and then decide that’s way more than they could ever afford.

Whether you hate your dentures, or are scared of needing them one day… whether you are trying to fix your smile so that it looks better, or so that you can eat better… we all have to work within a budget, and we want to be respectful to yours.

Click below to download our own “price cheat sheets”, so you’ll know what to expect to pay for dental implants in the Hamilton area, whether you are trying to replace one tooth or all of them.

Fill Out this form to get your free Dental Implant Price Cheat Sheet


Fill Out this form to get your free Dental Implant Price Cheat Sheet


Worried About Paying For Your New Smile?

We want to make your dental visits as easy and stress-free as possible, and that includes paying for your treatment. That’s why we offer multiple payment methods, including 0% interest financing. If you want to take advantage of a customized payment plan, we can help you figure out what size down-payment is comfortable for you, and then divide the balance into monthly payments.

We promise to work hard to find a payment method that works for you, so you can finally get the smile you want and deserve.


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