Sedation Dentistry

Get Years’ Worth of Dental Problems
Fixed Comfortably in Just One Visit


Are you..

  • Scared of the dentist?
  • Putting off needed dental care because of fear and anxiety?
  • Avoiding the dentist because of previous bad experiences?

If so…. sedation dentistry can help!

Sedation dentistry might be for you if:

  • You’ve been putting off dental care you know you need because of fear, nervousness, or anxiety
  • You have years’ worth of dental work to fix
  • You have a low pain threshold or gag reflex

3 Steps to Easy Dental Visits with Sedation Dentistry


We help figure out which type of sedation will make you happiest. Sometimes we use laughing gas, or a pill, or even IV medication for more severe anxiety.


Your visits are calm, comfortable, and stress free. In addition to the regular dental freezing, you will feel heavy, drowsy, and dreamy.


Once your visit is complete, you won’t remember much about what happened. We will make sure you and your caregiver have instructions on how to rest and recover.


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